Our Turkeys are Domestics, we have them on a high protein diet and supplement them with kelp and flax seed. The are raised here on the farm.
Our Turkeys will be arrival for pick fresh, not frozen.


$6.50 per/lb.
A $50 deposit reserves one turkey of any weight. At pick-up, your bird will be weighed and you will be charged the balance.

What Size Turkey should I order?
A good start is estimating 1 to 1.25 pounds of turkey per person.
If you want leftovers factor about 1.5 pounds per person
Available weights range between 16-24 Ibs.


Weight can not be guaranteed. We allow our birds to eat freely in order to ensure a happy life, stress free.

Call or stop in to reserve your turkey. Deposit can be made over the phone by credit card.

Pre-Order Turkey Deposit