In Loving Memory of

Madison A. Dingee ... Our gift, one too great to keep forever.


Madi’s spirit warm and bright we are close to nature, surrounded by all that she loved.

A country girl, honest and true.

Madi’s passing is and will always be a tremendous loss to our family.

Her beauty shined brightly both inside and out.

While she was with us, she made an impact on many people’s lives and,

so, we will continue in her spirit by forming a youth group

dedicated to creating awareness of the immense struggles faced by children

when parents are going through a divorce.

The goal is to remind our families that children are conceived out of love.

We are also in the process of creating a small but positively impactful learning center

on our family farm where children and their families

will have the opportunity to free their minds and spirits of

any struggling thoughts and enjoy some peaceful and productive time.

We will reach out for volunteers and bring on paid educators to

provide various learning opportunities such as gardening, agriculture,

reading sessions, life skills and recreational opportunities in a personalized, interactive matter.

Funds generated through donations will be used directly to provide such services.


Daddy’s Girl Forever -Always in our Hearts

12/28/05 -12/21/21

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