About Our Farm

Farm Fresh Food

Ruby Hill Farm takes pride in contributing to our local economy establishing Business Partnerships that promote trust.

Eating healthy and knowing where our food source comes from is essential to us.

We would like to now share our experiences with all of you.

We are proud to offer humanely raised All Natural Black Angus Beef, Farm Raised Chickens for Meat on an Omega-3 Diet

and Non-GMO Pastured Pork, Farm Fresh Eggs and Seasonal Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.

Our own Maple Syrup and Local Honey all high quality products.

Everyone we work with has such love and devotion for what they do and truly comes out when you taste our goods.

Ruby Hill Farm

Eat Right ... Live Life!

The Ruby Hill Farm family wants your family to enjoy the great taste and health benefits of farm-raised pastured products, all chemical free and environmentally friendly.


Growing beef and pork locally and processing it in a small plant costs more than industrial-sized operations.

While our meat costs more than supermarket meat, we try to keep the differential as small as possible.

Making the investment in your family is something you won't regret.

As they say — you are what you eat eats — if that rings true for you, 

then you’ve come to the right place!

Our farm stand is opened all year long.

Due to the change of seasons, our offerings will always be changing,

so stop by or call Diana 917-733-9363  to find out what we’ve have to offer.  

All Natural Pastured Raised
Beef and Pork

Our Beef: 

Black Angus Beef cows bred and raised from birth to market on 2000 acres located in Columbia County, NY a family owned farm with beautiful open pastures. These cows are healthy and happy animals unlike commercial cows that live in confinement. They are pasture-raised animals; they graze pastures whenever weather permits and receive supplemental grain rations. Unlike 100% grass-fed cows, pasture-raised cows may receive supplemental grains, however their grain is grown on the farm where the cows live, free of growth hormones and chemicals.


Our Pork:

We raise our piglets to market in Dutchess County, NY.  Heritage Breeds, such as the Durocs and Berkshires these selections have been made the breeder because he want to bring back the pork to what it used to be. Giving us flavor that is superior to that of the hothouse hybrids widely used in confinement production.  These pigs grow naturally and are sustainably grazed: they take care of the land at nature’s pace, without growth-producing hormones. They live outdoors in our fields during spring, summer and fallen.  They enjoy their natural activities: rooting and running, digging up the soil to select the natural nutrients their bodies need.  The pigs are rotate through sectioned woodland, allowing them to selectively clear forest underbrush. Our pork is processed GMO free and without any artificial preservatives. 

Farm Stand is Ready to Go!

Ruby Hill is proud to offer quality products such as:


Organic Vegetables 

Fresh Fruits 

Farm Raised Eggs

Maple Syrup 

Local Honey

Imported Products


Dry Goods

Jane's Ice Cream

Marinated Meats 

and so much more to come!


Try our Local Fruit it is an experience like no other.











Plan your next visit to Ruby Hill Farm - you’ll have a great time! Come visit our mini goats, lambs and chickens!

• Homemade Maple Syrup
• Local Honey
• Harney and Sons Organic Teas
• Taconic Distillery
   Taconic Distillery Bourbon Maple Syrup
• Jams
• Clermont Coffee
• Imported Cheeses

More to Come!

IMG_2699 (1).jpg

Fresh Herbs 

Hand made items

by our Local Artist.

Unique gifts


Baked Goods


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Wednesday    

2:00 pm -  6:00 pm


1:00 pm -  6:30 pm 


9:30 am -  4:30 pm


9:30 am - 3:30 pm

To schedule an appointment

for a time more convenient to you. 


Call: Diana 917-733-9363

Tuesday and Thursdays are available just call ahe

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